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Freestone Fly Fishers
116 E. 7th St.
Berwick Pa, 18603

Orangeville Water Regulations 2010

1. Membership badges are issued annually and must be clearly displayed on each fisherman.
2. The special regulation areas are clearly marked with upper and lower cables and signs.
3. Respect the landowners; they have made this opportunity possible for all or us.
4. Fishing is permitted with artificial lures (flies and spinners) with single barbless hook only.
5. Fishing is permitted one half hour before sunrise to one hour after dark.
6. No trout may be killed or in possession while on this property.
7. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are NOT permitted.
8. No loud or obscene language will tolerated.
9. No swimming, no camping, no hunting.
10. Members may not launch any type of watercraft (boat, raft, canoe, tube, etc.) from this property.
11. Dispose of litter properly. Carry out what you carry in.
12. Members must accompany junior members and guests in the same pool.
13. The landowners are not responsible for any injury to anyone while on the property.
14. These special regulation areas follow the same trout season as the Pennsylvania Fish Commission. No fishing from March 1st to Opening Day.
15. Guest buttons are available on a limited basis for $30.00 per day and certain restrictions apply. Two guest buttons are allowed per day on club water. Whenever possible, buttons should be reserved ahead of time. Payment must be made when reserved. The fee applies whether you fish for an hour or the day. No refunds regardless of weather or change of plans. No guest buttons can be issued to a member for more than two consecutive days.
16. Arrangements for guest buttons can be made with Jim Kukorlo (570)759-2732 or (570)204-2871 (cell) or
17. Memberships and Guest buttons are NOT transferable. Guest buttons are valid only for the day issued. Guests 12 years and younger may fish free but must be accompanied at all times by a current member. No advance notice is necessary in this case.
18. If cables are down or if anything needs attention, please call Jim Kukorlo, Dick Rimple, 752-5487, or Dave Hook 752-3191.
19. Please don’t dominate certain sections of the stream when other members are present. This is a club with water to be shared by all members. Please fish through a pool and move on so everyone can enjoy the most popular sections. Your cooperation in this matter is expected and very much appreciated.
20. The Freestone Fly Fishers strive to maintain a strict conservation effort and any member or guest not abiding by these rules and regulations will be dismissed immediately. No Refunds.
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