Fishing Creek               Orangeville, Pennsylvania

2016 Newsletter
Catch and Release Instructions

Welcome to Freestone Fly fisher’s

“Fly Fishermen Banded Together for the Preservation and the Art of Fly Fishing-Pledged to Trout Release.”

We are a group of fly fishermen (and women) who lease land on Fishing Creek in Columbia County, near Orangeville Pennsylvania. It is located in the northeast region of Pennsylvania.
   Fishing Creek is a Freestone trout stream. At it’s headwaters in the North Mountain Range there are two branches, an east and west branch. Though only a few feet wide it’s has an abundant of Brook Trout. The two branches merge together near the village of Central and form’s a beauty fishery that runs through Fishing Creek valley, consisting of deep pools and bubbling riffles.
    With the start of trout season in mid-April, Fishing Creek is usually high and running hard, with the spring run off. By early summer the flow slows consolably, except for a heavy thunder shower that will quickly raise the level of water, but returns to normal just as quickly.
    The first mayflies that surface is usually the Hendrickson’s, along with Quill Gordon’s, Little Red Quills, Blue Quills, Gray Foxes, March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, and Slate Drakes. Caddis is in abundance as in most Freestone Streams and can bring some great fly fishing action.
    We have two sections of water. The first section or Orangeville One as we refer to it is located just a mile above the town of Orangeville. The second section or Orangeville Two is directly behind the town of Orangeville. Each section has a parking area in which to park your vehicle, with easy access to the stream.
    Special regulations include fly fishing or artificial lures only. Barbless hooks and the artificial lures must be only a single hook. It’s strictly a catch and release area. Members must wear a current year badge while fishing and all vehicles are required to have a parking permit.
    Trout are stocked prior to the opening day in April, and again sometime in early May, with a third stocking in October. Three years ago we established a fish feeding program through out the winter months. This has been very successful in maintaining our hold over fish population.
    For more information on our special regulations and membership please contact us through the form below.

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